Research and Consulting

A Strategic Approach To Digital Collections Stewardship

Born-Digital’s library consulting team combines decades of experience in digital collections, user research, and strategic planning. We empower you with insights and action plans to make the most of your digital collections, digital scholarship initiatives, and research data management activities. Where applicable, our consultants work closely with our in-house team of experienced developers to ensure that all projects blend outstanding results and technical integrity. 

We tailor consulting projects to meet your needs in the following areas.

Building service models for digital scholarship, digital collections, and research data services

  • Identify opportunities to support research communities on and off campus
  • Develop strategies for intra- and inter-institutional collaboration
  • Build a nuanced understanding of stakeholder needs

Enhancing discoverability, visibility, and usability of digital collections

  • Align your institutional mission with your repository content
  • Create engaging site content that complements and enhances your unique collections
  • Ensure that aggregators and search engines properly index your content
  • Optimize your metadata for use with your digital repository software
  • Deliver the best possible user experience for all visitors regardless of access method
  • Evaluate your repository’s compliance with web accessibility standards

Promoting stakeholder engagement and use and measuring impact

  • Package and promote your content so that it reaches your key stakeholders
  • Encourage faculty and student deposits to your institutional repository
  • Leverage web analytics software to learn how users find and use your content
  • Collect user stories and case studies that demonstrate the impact of your collections
  • Articulate the value of your digital collections for your campus community and beyond

Integrating systems

  • Efficiently manage digital assets distributed across multiple platforms
  • Integrate user-facing and preservation repositories

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